TFE update is out, but has a multiplayer issue!

The 1.02 update is out, changes here.

This was suppose to be a medium update which fixes a lot of problems. Unfortunately a bug in the public session select screen (a new feature) may crash the game. It's advised that you invite friends to a private game in the meantime.

While we do have a fix for it, we can't update the game due to XBLIG restrictions. Please be patient, the update should be available by late next week.

Thank you,


  1. Hello Eric,
    Just a few other things, I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but some of my older maps have had sky tracks sitting there when I went in and was hard to remove.
    The gravity is ok on the trains except on downgrades you hit D-Brake, Brake and even reverse throttle and train will not slow down and derails. I ahd to go in to my PikePeak map and revamp it with more upgraded hill tracks to make up for the speeds.
    Other than that we love the extra track added and the ability to jump to next track.
    Thank you.

  2. Take your time guys. I can wait, I'm just excited about the Dash 9 locomotive! I'm so glad you added that. You will not believe how thrilled I was when I seen that picture! Awesome paint job, and body design. Also, love the new towers, that was pretty sweet.

  3. Will you be adding the ability to make tunnels?

  4. i have heard its has been sent for review