1. I recently purchased Train Frontier Express on XBLI and gotta say, first impression is WOW! I love everything you have done with the sim and the price seems just right. I was wondering if I can make a few suggestions for you.

    Although you have a great amount of props I would like to see some props for camping such as tents, fire pits, wood piles, canoes and other boats, campers and RV's and other things of that nature that you would see in a paid camping ground (toll booth ect ect..)

    Another thing that would be neat(although I'm not sure if it's possible since the game is released now) is if you could actually drive a vehicle in the world that is created. As well as a way (if you take any of my suggestions into consideration) to actually use the canoe's and other boats.

    Again, these are just suggestions for a sim that already kicks ass. I think by adding these would just improve upon what you have now.

    Great work on the sim guys, As a model train enthusiast I really love what you have and can see great things for it should you release add-ons or updates!


  2. Some more good things I forgot to mention that would be good to add in my opinion would be farm animals, people, road bridges,night and day settings with working lights and the ability to make tunnels (either rock, brick or dirt would be great). A pump car would be a humorous addition too!

    Again, just thoughts. Keep up the great work! I've been playing for 9 hours now, Good thing it's a saturday!