Modeling a Train Simulator

A simulation's job is to simulate reality, right?

Rail enthusiasts are a serious and dedicated community, with a healthy segment interested in railroad simulators.

Train sims may require detailed knowledge and extensive training to use, and often are developed for desktop computers. Sims are also typically based on real routes and engines. It's easy to see why train sims appeal mainly to an older adult niche of rail fans.


However, despite emphasized realism being the norm for train simulators, Team Train Frontier took a decidedly different route.

The Model Craftsmen

If you're like us, you might remember the fun of seeing or playing with model railroads as a kid, or even riding on a miniature train.

Toy and model railroad enthusiasts know that creating their railway is half the enjoyment. Aesthetics and themes may take more important roles over realism, and the scope of the project is determined by the creator.


We'd like Train Frontier Express to combine the accessibility and fun of building toy trains with a traditional train simulator.

The world of Train Frontier isn't a replica. We've modeled Train Frontier Express on the real world (full scale and miniature), but we've added our spin to it as gamers and artists.

A Small Experiment

Train Frontier Express has a fun artistic style coupled with light-hearted gameplay. It also can be played while relaxing in front a large TV with a family. If we've done our jobs right, it should feel familiar, inviting, and intuitive to a wide spectrum of players.

TrainFrontierExpress_2211Train Frontier Express - World In Progress

Our deviation from traditional train sim design is risky, but not exactly original, after all, other simulation genres are complemented by more stylized games, from fighting to racing. Train simulation might end up an exception, and we might end up paying for it in expenses and opportunity cost -- however, we consider the project to be a bit of an experiment (along with the equally risky Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace).

Building a world should be easy

We hope Train Frontier will have enjoyable results for a wide audience, both young and old, local and international, and that you give it a try when it comes out (and tell your friends too! :).


p.s. We'll be adding more detailed art and technical development posts soon!


  1. This looks awesome!

  2. Just bought it on Xbox Live, The little bit I played with the trial version looks awesome... But it does get a little weird laying down track.

  3. My son and I have played with this ALOT since I bought it over the summer. At 4 years old the simple locomotive controls are easy for even him to grasp and he soo enjoys it. I hope you guys continue to push this sim as far as you can because I will most certainly buy add ons for it!